ABC Dementia
Care ToolKit

A selection of tools to help you care for someone with dementia. 

Behavior Tracking

ABC Dementia’s Behavior Log 

Download this print-friendly log to track behavioral communication, spot patterns, and discover the underlying message.

ABC Dementia’s Step by Step Guide to

This handy guide will walk you through how to track and decipher behavioral communication on a regular basis.

ABC Dementia’s

Sometimes the trick is to know which questions to ask. This downloadable document is full of good considerations when trying to get to the meaning of a behavioral communication.

Communicating with the Healthcare Team 


Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale

An excellent, research-backed tool for identifying non-verbal signs of pain. The PAINAD also allows you to measure, track, and communicate pain concerns more effectively with the healthcare team.

NPI (Neuropsychiatric Inventory )

This questionnaire is used by many medical providers to measure distressing behaviors. It's an excellent tool for measuring and communicating behavioral concerns with the doctor effectively. 

 This proven tool is very effective in identifying potential depression in older adults with or without dementia. It relies on objective caregiver observations rather than the person having to accurately recall information about how they've been feeling. 

The Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory

 This tool is more medical in nature, but can be helpful for those who need to track and communicate data on the frequency, intensity, or nature of a person's distressed/distressing behaviors. 

Bristol Stool Chart

 Constipation is at the core of how we feel, and many behavioral concerns. This widely-used chart can show you what healthy stool should look like and help communicate concerns with the medical team. 

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