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Laura Herman

Full Length Books

Brick By Brick Bonding:
Tools for Family Care
Bonding Activities for Seniors Living with Alzheimer's and Dementia and Their Care Partners

By Patty Sherin and Laura Herman

This is the first book to introduce LEGO® Duplo® bricks and pieces to care partners and their carees living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This book presents simple techniques and tools caregivers can use to embrace self-care, develop good support systems, release expectations, and practice mindful acceptance which can profoundly affect their caregiving journey.

- An inspiring book for family caregivers
- An insightful book about how to practice mindful acceptance as a family caregiver
- A practical book about the importance of laughing and bonding with carees
- A realistic book full of actionable tips for bonding that can be used even in the most demanding moments
- A fun book that brings joy and laughter to family caregivers and their caree living with dementia 

Hilltop Heights Home for the Memory Impaired

A narrative non-fiction collection of short stories, quotes and vignettes compiled while working in a memory care facility. 

Come take a peek behind the locked doors of Hilltop Heights Home for the Memory Impaired.
You might be surprised how much fun we have back here!

Blog Posts and Articles

Ready Set Care

As part of Ready Set Care's Team of Experts, I field dementia-related questions from family caregivers in the RSC Care Community. I've also written a number of educational articles aimed at supporting family caregivers. Many require a login to view, but here's a sample of those available to the public.

Tips for Caring for Someone with Dementia
Top Ten Tips for Everyday Care with Dementia
Communicating with Someone Who has Memory Loss
Helping a Senior Choose a Home to Age in Place
How to Help Older Adults with Appetite Loss

Mobile Help

These educational articles offer valuable information for seniors concerned about fall safety.

What Seniors Should Know About Footwear and Falls
Physical Therapy can Help Seniors Prevent Falls

Complete Dementia Solutions

This ghostwritten piece is intended for family members in the challenging position of knowing that their loved one may need to move to a memory care facility sooner or later.

5 Signs it May be Time to Move a Loved One to a Memory Care Facility

What My Writing Clients Say

Exceeding Expectations is Always my Goal!

"Thanks again for your great work, I'm thankful to have you as a wonderful source of knowledge for our readers (who have been growing rapidly due in no small part to your great work). "

"I simply love the content pieces you're creating for ReaDementia"

“I cannot tell you how great it is to see a vision come to life. You've exceeded my initial thoughts on the vision for these pieces! Great work!"

"Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her articles were incredibly thorough and well researched. She always went above and beyond. Highly recommend!"

"Excellent and I recommend Laura without reservation. Laura created a mini-content strategy for a blog topic we are pursuing. She completed the project with high quality, professionalism and insight."

Laura has been a joy to work with. She is a fantastic writer and has been an exemplary part of our team. We look forward to working with her in the future!"

ABC Dementia

In this blog I focus on understanding and Appreciating Behavioral Communication in Dementia


Simbiotia is a Spanish company focused on creating wellness environments to improve the lives of people. I’ve had the honor to provide consultation and research services to this amazing company, with a focus on what makes a healthy living environment for seniors.

I was happy to be featured in a recent video series after consulting on the Future of Senior Care Residences..

Alternatives in Senior Living: Green Care Farms

Alternatives in Senior Living: Multigenerational Communities