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Behavior Tracking

Find the message in behavioral communication and help someone with dementia feel and function at their best!

Find the Message

A valuable lesson I learned in my decades of dementia care:
Many so-called "behavioral symptoms of dementia" can be alleviated simply by meeting human needs. 

Human beings need a lot.
Beyond the basic needs for food and shelter, we have many psychosocial and emotional needs as well.

When these needs go unmet we experience a long list of effects that looks quite a bit like a list of "dementia behavior symptoms".


Dementia doesn't erase our human needs.
But it does make is much harder for us to recognize or manage on our own, or communicate them to others.

But... how do we know which needs are going unmet?

The answer lies in behavior tracking. 

Behavior Tracking Course - 30 minutes - $40

In this unique course you'll learn why and how to track behaviors to uncover the message hiding within.

This is a highly effective method of uncovering unmet needs and alleviating challenging behavior.

You'll come away with:

- An understanding of behavioral communication

- The ABC Dementia Behavior Tracking Toolbox - a collection of essential tools and strategies you can use from day one

- The ability to start tracking your loved one's behavioral communication independently right away

- The option to participate in ongoing ABC Dementia Behavior Tracking Private Sessions,

where I can support and guide you through the process on a weekly or as-needed basis

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When we learn to Appreciate Behavioral Communication in Dementia we begin to understand the message in the behavior, and we become better able to meet their needs.

The ABC's of Dementia Video Series

Behavior is sometimes the only way a person with dementia has to communicate their needs.
These short videos can help us better understand them.

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