You're supporting a loved one with dementia. I can help.

Contact me for a quick, no-charge call to explore how.

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Pay What You Will Pricing

For a limited time, you can set your own price for Weekly Telephone Support.

Suggested price: $150 for initial assessment then $150 per month

We'll chat over the phone every week and exchange emails as needed to


answer your questions

- plan for the future

- find resources

- brainstorm

- vent

- everything you need to support your loved one to feel and function at their best.

Email with questions or to take advantage of this opportunity.

How Can Behavior Support Help Me
Care For My Loved One With Dementia?

In terms of dollars and cents, this program can easily pay for itself many times over by preventing just one trip to the emergency room or by delaying admission to a care facility by even one month.

But what really matters is the peace of mind knowing you're doing your best for your loved one.

You can ensure they have the best care and quality of life possible - and you don't have to sacrifice your health or happiness to do it. With the right support you can be a fantastic family caregiver, and care for your own needs at the same time.

- Minimize falls and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, complications, and problems
- Reduce challenging behaviors

- Minimize medications and harmful side effects

- Help your loved one think and function at their best

- Help your loved one remain as comfortable as possible, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

- Support your loved one to minimize decline and maximize independence

- Enjoy a better relationship with your loved one

- Be at your best for caregiving

- Get more out of your caregiving journey
- Talk to a teammate who will listen attentively
- Connect with resources and tools

- Benefit from a partner with decades of experience

Several Support Options Are Available

Whether you're looking for a quick consultation or an in-depth comprehensive course,
You have several support options to choose from.

Support Group for Family Caregivers - 30 minutes - no charge

This weekly support and coaching group is available free of charge.

Share your struggles, ask a question, or get advice. 

Thursdays through Eventbrite

Introductory Call - 15 minutes - no charge

Let's take the opportunity to answer any questions and discover whether we're a good fit before moving forward.

Dementia Caregiver Needs Checkup - 60 minutes - $150 

Let's take some time to understand your caregiving situation and loved one's needs.

We'll identify urgent needs, red-flags and potential concerns.

You'll come away with:

- A better understanding of your loved one's needs

- A clear plan for the next steps to prevent and minimize problems

- A written Recommendation Report full of resources customized to your unique needs

Behavior Tracking Course - 30 minutes - $40

In this unique course you'll learn why and how to track behaviors to uncover the message hiding within.

This is a highly effective method of uncovering unmet needs and alleviating challenging behavior.

You'll come away with:

- An understanding of behavioral communication

- The ABC Dementia Behavior Tracking Toolbox - a collection of essential tools and strategies you can use from day one

- The ability to start tracking your loved one's behavioral communication independently right away

- The option to participate in ongoing ABC Dementia Behavior Tracking Private Sessions,

where I can support and guide you through the process on a weekly or as-needed basis

ABC Dementia Behavior Tracking Private Session** - 30 minutes - $40

** You'll need to complete an Needs Checkup and Behavior Tracking Training prior to a Behavior Tracking Session.

We'll review your behavior logs together

and come up with a plan to meet your loved one's unmet needs

and alleviate their challenging behavior. 


Private Consultation - 30 minutes - $40

We can talk about what you like and use this time as you need.

ABC Dementia Support Plan for Family Caregivers - 8 hours, $1800

This comprehensive 8-week program

will start by addressing your most pressing concerns.

Once those are under control, we'll take a step back

and determine what success means to you as a family caregiver,

and then we'll make a plan to get there.

We'll identify concerns early on

and focus on minimizing and preventing problems

and helping you and your loved one

live your best life together.

As a caregiver, do you sometimes feel:

Afraid you're on the path to regret?
Barely able to manage some days

When you’ve completed the Support Plan for Family Caregivers you'll feel confident in your choices and fulfilled in the knowledge that you're doing your best for yourself and your loved one.

One day you'll be able to reflect back on your caregiving journey as a sacred time
of growth, connection, and opportunity.

You'll feel more:
- Confident
- Successful
- Supported

- Guided

You'll enjoy:

- Better relationship with your loved one
- Being more present and mindful
- Responding to challenges calmly and effectively
- A more positive caregiving experience

Address Immediate Concerns

We start by addressing any pressing urgent needs you may be facing.

Once you're out of crisis mode,
your stress level falls and you can think more clearly.
You can stop reacting frantically
and start responding thoughtfully.

This empowers you to best support your loved one
and set up a sustainable and successful caregiving experience. 

Broaden Your Perspective

Next we'll take a step back to see what a
successful caregiving relationship looks like for you. 

We'll acknowledge your losses and start the process of grieving them. 
This clears the way for you to accept your relationship with your loved one for what it is instead of focusing on what it isn’t.

You'll experience a greater sense of peace.
You’ll also reclaim a lot of time and energy.
(It takes a lot to continually resist, struggle, and suffer.)

You’ll learn how to communicate more effectively with your loved one, which will translate to fewer behavioral challenges.

The net effect is that both you and your loved one
will be able to feel and function at your best.

Create a Plan

We'll plan ahead and create a strong support system
to ensure the road ahead is as smooth and peaceful as possible.

We'll plans for care needs, emergency situations, and caregiver support to help you stay afloat during the toughest times ahead.

As a result, you're more likely to have what you need when you need it. You'll be able to avoid many problems altogether.

You'll have the support, knowledge, and resources
to respond to challenges quickly and confidently.  


I love helping people unlock the message in their loved ones' behavior!

"I could go on and on about how valuable your support has been to me. You seem to understand what's going on for me before I even have to fully express it. You have an uncanny amount of empathy for what your clients' lives are like. It's unreal!"
"Laura is truly a gem in the world of elder and dementia care. Her passion for the well-being of seniors shines through in all of her work, whether she is providing hands-on care, writing insightful articles, or consulting with families. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the field is evident in the quality of care she provides, and her dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those she serves is inspiring. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Laura and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of exceptional care for their loved ones."

"Wow! This is amazing! I really appreciate your thoughts and effort of writing a detailed report! Thank you so much! 

You've really helped me a lot."

If you are supporting a loved one with dementia, I can help.

Contact me for a quick, no-charge telephone or video call to explore how.

Laura Herman

Dementia and Eldercare Professional

For 25 years I've served older adults with dementia
and their families. 

- Direct caregiving
- Therapeutic activities
- Medical care coordination
- Proactive problem prevention
- Training and education
- Resource connection

- Behavior support