Laura Herman

Full Length Books

Hilltop Heights Home for the Memory Impaired

A narrative non-fiction collection of short stories, quotes and vignettes compiled while working in a memory care facility. 

Come take a peek behind the locked doors of Hilltop Heights Home for the Memory Impaired.
You might be surprised how much fun we have back here!

Blog Posts and Articles


Typically 1,500 - 2,000 words in length, these educational articles for ReaDementia offer information on best practices for a variety of topics relating to dementia care. Please visit the ReaDementia site for a complete listing of articles. Topics include:

Best Practices in Bathing
Pressure Ulcers
Palliative Care: an Underused Support in Dementia
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
Horticulture Therapy in Dementia
What to Bring when Moving to Memory Care 
Incontinence in Dementia

Complete Dementia Solutions

This ghostwritten piece is intended for family members in the challenging position of knowing that their loved one may need to move to a memory care facility sooner or later.

5 Signs it May be Time to Move a Loved One to a Memory Care Facility

ABC Dementia

In this blog I focus on understanding and Appreciating Behavioral Communication in Dementia

Consultation and Other Clients

The work I've done with these clients ranges considerably, encompassing areas such as developing training material, research, and developing content strategy.


Simbiotia is a Spanish company focused on creating wellness environments to improve the lives of people. I’ve had the honor to provide consultation and research services to this amazing company, with a focus on what makes a healthy living environment for seniors.

I was happy to be featured in a recent video series after consulting on the Future of Senior Care Residences.