Laura Herman

Dementia and Eldercare Professional, Consultant and Writer

Over twenty years working in geriatric care with an emphasis on dementia care.

Dementia and Eldercare

Experience includes:

- Direct Hands-on Caregiving
- Medication Administration
- Therapeutic Activity
- Behavior Support
- Memory Care Facility Administration

Extensive experience in various settings 
- In-home Care
- Skilled Nursing Facilities
- Residential Care Facilities
- Memory Care Facilities

Teaching and Education
- Memory Care Staff and Other Professionals
- Family Members of Residents with Dementia

Dementia Care Coordination and Family Support

Guiding and supporting family members through the labyrinth of dementia care.

- Coordinate medical and social care for people with dementia
- Advocate for the person in difficult circumstances 

Family Support and Guidance
- Family support from before facility move-in through end of life
- Helping family members navigate difficult decisions and changes in health, behavior and cognition throughout the progression of dementia 

Behavior Support
- Leading staff, family members and others to recognize the messages and unmet needs the person with dementia is communicating via behavior. By identifying the messages and needs, and responding to them appropriately, challenging behavior is minimized and the person is supported to enjoy their highest possible functioning and quality of life

- Communicating effectively with people with dementia means understanding where they are in the moment and not overwhelming them.
- Helping others understand the person with dementia 

Professional Writing:

- Medical
- Educational
- Training
- Informational
- Copywriting
- Ghostwriting
- Facility policies and procedures relating to memory care  

Research  Review

Find and research studies on the proven wellness benefits of plants and natural settings, and other therapeutic environmental elements, on seniors with dementia. 

Simbiotia is an innovative Spanish company dedicated to improving people's lives through creating better environments using the elements of nature, architecture, construction, design and art.


Past or current include:

- Certified Nursing Aide

- Certified Medication Aide

- Assisted Living and Residential Care Facility Administrator